Ass Fetish

Ass fetish

It’s cold out so I decided to take a little vacay to somewhere much much warmer. I met a hot bartender too. His dick was big for a white boy! He could barely fit inside my tight black pussy. He damn near squeezed his dick head to make it fit inside of my dripping wet asshole. I enjoyed that massive white cock right there by the pool side. We both were drunk and did not give a damn who was watching. It made my cunny even hotter and wetter to know we had an audience. With each thrust of his manhood I could feel him deep inside of me. Hitting my walls as if they were endless. My moans grew louder and his breathing grew heavier. He exploded inside of me. All of his seeds spilled out of my blackhole. My asshole was the size of a pickle jar with his slimy cum dripping out. Mmmmhmmm he can fuck my ass everyday. Please believe I will be extending my stay. Come watch and listen to me scream for my ass to get fucked hard.

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