Meet Me At The Beach

voyeur beach sex

I don’t know about you, but I love to have sex on the beach. I love knowing that when I have voyeur beach sex, there is a great chance that there is someone out there who will be able to see us. I absolutely love being watched while I fuck. It brings out the artist in me and I feel like I always do my best work when I know someone is hanging on my every move. I can’t disappoint my audience, so I always make sure to go the extra mile.

I also have been the voyeur when it comes to fucking on the beach. I know people have beach sex fantasies, so I always love sneaking down late at night and trying to find a couple who is fucking. I always wear a skirt with no panties on because I want to be able to finger fuck my pussy while I watch. It gets me off thinking that when I am having sex on the beach, maybe someone is masturbating while they watch me.

Do you have a beach fantasy that you’d like to tell me about? Or maybe you’d like to hear more about mine?


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