Ass fetish for movie fun

I love that you are an exhibitionist like me and let me get all my Ass fetish out with you. We went to the movies and while we watched the previews I bent over and lifted my skirt. You knew to lick my booty button. Your tongue flicked fast and hard it made my knees weak. The movies started and I had you pull your hard meat.

Ass fetish

I rubbed my tight round booty hole on you. The movie was loud and i just edged you with my pretty butt hole. Since we were watching a horror movie the movie sounds covered the screaming moans i had as i slid my asshole on your cock I wiggled and bounced. You grabbed my Hairy wet pussy and started finger fucking me. You whispered you wanted to feel how deep you were in my ass. I didn’t stop and I kept going until I squirted all over the movie theater seat in front of us. You then grabbed some popcorn with your pussy juices filled finger and ate it all up, licked every finger. I just sat there letting your cum drip onto the movie theater seat.

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