BDK’s Groupie Princess

Princess phone sex

I am truly, truly lucky! Last night I had the pleasure of meeting the one and only, the infamous, the hottest, finest piece of gourmet dark chocolate- Big Daddy King! I have always wanted to join in on the most exciting spoiled group of Daddy’s diamond girls. I found out he was making an exclusive VIP appearance at the hottest most exclusive night club in the city and I just had to go! It is not everyday that you get to meet a famous Superbowl star! Needless to say, the club was packed with people just trying to have a chance to meet him! So many fanboys and groupies stood in line to be blessed to meet such a king! Lucky for me, BDK spotted me in the line looking fine as hell with my tiny black dress and sparkling tiara and had his assistant pull me all the way to the front of the line. I was so excited to finally be in BDK presence, he was looking so tall dark and handsome in his designer Armani suit and rolex! We drank the best champagne that money could buy, and Big Daddy had me go wait for him in his ultra stretched out, decked out, Hummer limo with the custom rims and paint job! I facetimed my bestie in the back of that limo! She was so jealous! We always dreamt of meeting the one and only Big Daddy King and being part of his groupie princesses. BDK joined me for a drink and showed me his infamous 14-inch black cock anaconda! I was in a pleasurable paradise just begging for that thick anaconda down my throat! I wanted that millionaire nut all over my face and dripping down my mouth for the cameras! BDK gave me intense orgasms and that juicy millionaire nut! <33

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