CFNM: A Sexy Phone Chat

sexy phone chat

Clothed Female Naked male teasing id such a fucking fun sexy phone chat. Your fully clothes and being teased by the sexiest Coed bitch around. Your cock is jumping I can see it. I giggle and pronounce around showing you my tiny panties. I might even brush across your swollen cock head.  Beg me to touch it. More and more I have you on uneven ground as you are vulnerable to my young teasing. My legs play pick a boo as I allow you to slow stroke it for me.  I see that glistening pre cum.  It really doesn’t matter what size your cock is. You are being edge and teased until you think I am a stone-cold heartless bitch. My sweet tight pussy is wet and needing attention. I pull my panties to the side so you may taste my pussy and long stroke.  You ask in a whisper if you may cum. I tell you to go to the bathroom and cum in private in your own same. You hear my vibrator and me softly moaning as you are dismissed.

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