Taking Your Desires To The Edge

I love when i have callers wanting to discuss edgeplay phone sex with me and share their needs and desires. I have had more than one caller that craved really dirty sex. One really wanted to get shameless as he was so infatuated with his sister and wanted to impregnate her. There was another hot session with a Sissy that needed to be encouraged to take a big mans cock for real and I was happy to offer assistance and encouragement for her to feel that warm semen flow into her fucked ass. SHe followed through and loves being a sissy taking bareback dick. Then another instance was with gentleman that could not help but desire taking a real cock for the first time and he wanted to take a strangers cock bare without a condom and risk getting infected. His freshly ripped ass stretched for the first time and unable to accommodate such a big cock so soon he felt it rip and that fleshy throbbing dick ramming him was delicious and he loved feeling the cum squirt.  He was having great cravings for feeling a bareback cock ram his ass and push his kinks. We made such a break through and he loves to call me every once and awhile to let me know how his secret life of cock is going while upholding his marriage and family. I’m here for you also.

edgeplay phone sex

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