I used and abused him

cuckold phone sexThis little dick cucky boy wanted my attention so I told him what he would have to do in order to get it. First he needed to open that wallet, I like cash and presents and shopping and I expect to do every first class, I won’t settle for less. Second he needed to realize that his place in life was below me, I am the Goddess, he is the little bitch boy with a tiny dick that no woman on earth wants to fuck. That lesson was harder for him to learn, he was extremely generous with cash and gifts but he wanted to be my boyfriend and get to fuck me too. Well this pussy doesn’t accept cocks that are smaller than 9 inches so he was just out of luck. I had to prove it to him tho, I had to bring over a stud and make him compare his tiny little pathetic inch worm of a dick to my lover’s huge thick 11 inch cock and when he saw the difference he started weeping like a little boy. He was sad but resigned to his fate of being my little cucky.

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