Classy but Trashy

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I like to think of myself as a classy and sophisticated slut. Every classy woman has her wild side and mine needed a night out. I went to a bar to see what kind of crazy trouble I can find! I found trouble and she was wearing a short skirt, a backless shirt and had long legs. She was surrounded by men and I wanted to know her! I introduced myself the best way I knew how. I walked up to her tapped her on the shoulder, when she turned around I kissed her. She smiled and said ” I’m Lilibeth, wanna fuck in the bathroom?”

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We started kissing even more right there at the bar. We were giving all these men a show. She slid her fingers up my skirt and started playing with my pussy. Next thing I know We were in the corner booth fucking each other and everyone else. We were covered in cum, drinks and money for the show we put on.  I can’t wait for our next wild night together! You can find this nasty slut on !

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