Cougar Next Door

mature phone sexI love being a cougar! Now that it is summer, all the college boys are home from school. My neighbor is a single woman like me. I didn’t know she had a son until yesterday. I saw a strapping young lad outside mowing the lawn. I masturbated for an hour thinking of the lawn boy’s chiseled abs. I thought he was just that until he was there again this morning. I went to the fence to introduce myself. As it turns out Peter is not a hired stud. He is my neighbor’s college son home for the summer. He was flirty. I asked him if he was looking for some summer work. I have a big yard, plus some odds and ends kind of stuff; I could use a strapping lad to help me. I do have some shelves to build and a yard to mow, but I wanted him for stud services. Every woman over 40 knows a college boy is the best cock for her pussy. Now Peter knows this milf pussy is best for his cock! I wore him out. He told me he would have come home sooner if he knew he had such a sexy neighbor. He is home until mid August. This sexy milf will be getting quite the work out until then.

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