Cuckold Client Eats Therapist Out

Phone sex therapist


What brings you here today? Oh, so your wife is fucking other guys and you don’t know what to do about it? I see now. As your therapist, I have to give you the best advice possible. You are not worthy of your wife. In fact, you are not worthy of any woman. The most you could possibly do is lick the cum out of a woman’s pussy after a real man has cum inside of her. I bet your cock is small, isn’t it? Of course it is. That is why she is getting her back blown out by other guys in the first place. The most I could do for you is teach you how to eat pussy and how to empty your wallet to any woman who asks. You are worthless as a man besides being used as a cum rag for women. Go ahead and start licking my cunt right now. Lick my clit and tongue fuck my pussy. Your only purpose in life is to pleasure women in any way they ask. 


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