Cuckold sex slave

cuckold phone sexI finally found the perfect guy to be my little slave. He’s absolutely perfect. The best part is he works in Hawaii, so when I’m feeling like a get away, I have my own personal little fuck toy in paradise! He’s so adorable. I just love to watch the looks on his face while another man is going down on me. He looks so cute when I’m moaning and cumming all over another man’s tongue. When I’m getting fucked hard from behind, I watch him in the corner, stroking his hard cock for me. I blow him kisses and wink at him as I bounce on another mans cock and ride him until he fills me with his hot cum. When I’m nice and full of cum, he cleans it all out with his tongue and doesn’t stop licking. I soak his face over and over and make him thank me for my cum. Once I’ve had my fun, I make him take me out, show me off and spoil me! I love having my own little piece of paradise!

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