Daddy’s Favorite Present!

Hot Sexy Woman I know just what daddy has in mind for his gift this year and I can’t wait to give it to him! Daddy loves spoiling me with gifts all the time but one of my favorite times of year is Christmas, when I finally get to return the favor! Daddy loves parading me around at his corporate holiday party every year letting me schmooze with the big wigs of his company, I know he looks forward to sharing me every year but this year I brought my favorite coed slut with me to help share the load of taking all that cock! She is the perfect slut to help me make daddy proud, I know all the older men that are there will love using our bald little cunts to make their cocks squirt load after load of cum. If all goes as planned me and my slutty little present will be drenched in cum when all the Christmas partying is done!

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