Do You Deserve Small Dick Humiliation?

small dick humiliationHe deserved small dick humiliation. He had a 4-inch dick and tried to get into my panties. I met him at the gym. I knew he was not lover material. He was more like a stalker than a lover. He would show up at every machine I was working out on, asking if I needed help. I told him to get lost many times. My rebuffs fell on deaf ears. He just wouldn’t take the hint. So, I found this young stud I have hooked up with before and told him I had a situation. The trainer stud was happy to help me put my stalker in his place. We went into the men’s’ locker room and exercised my pussy. I was bouncing on his dick stretching my cunt out properly. I knew it would just be a matter of time before my stalker came in. He was looking for me and he found me riding on a huge dick. He looked annoyed. He said something about me not being allowed in the men’s’ locker room. I just laughed at him and told him he didn’t belong in a man’s room either.  He brought this on himself. He didn’t get it. My young stud lover pulled out his 10-inch, thick cock and showed off. He told my stalker that this is what I deserved and nothing less. It was a hard phone sex therapy lesson to learn for him, but I doubt my stalker will be following me around again.

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