Don’t Test Me— I Will Expose Your Ass

Best Phone Sex

Thank you, you worthless piece of shit, for giving me all of the phone numbers and emails for everyone you work with, including your boss. Your pathetic ass is draining your bank account and begging me to stop contact them. I won’t because I’m having way too much fun with you. I’ve been emailing each and every one of your coworkers telling them I have some secret info on you that I would like to share. You know I have a folder of pictures of you fucking yourself with a 10-inch dildo and getting rammed in the ass by big black cocks. I won’t stop exposing you until I get the amount that I want, and each second of my time that you waste increases that amount. You had better hurry before your boss finds out how your faggot ass likes to get your throat fucked by 11-inch cocks every weekend. I’m about to press send…

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