Erotic roleplaying

Erotic roleplaying


Good evening stranger. I’m so glad that I saw you from across the bar. You follow me outside and tell me that you are up for some erotic roleplaying. I’m just a mysterious stranger in the night, wearing a short red dress with a slit up the side, sheer black stockings and matching red stiletto heels. As I pass you, you catch a whiff of my perfume and find me irresistible and follow me right out the door.

                There’s a cheap motel next door to the bar and you catch me walking through one of the doors. I hear knocking on various doors, and I know that you are looking for me, so I open the door just a crack so you can find me. I hear the door creak open slowly, and my heart starts to beat faster as I anticipate your big entrance.

                You walk in and make your presence known immediately. I might be the mysterious stranger, but you know exactly what you want, you go for it and take the lead.

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