Sexy breasts got milked by the Vice president of the bank

Sexy breastsMy Sexy breasts looked so good in my cocktail sundress even my boss couldn’t resist! Even the ring on his finger and the family photo that stood on his desk didn’t stop him from finding his way into my panties. I intentionally triggered him, after noticing how huge his bulge was there was no way I could resist. I could tell he had a big cock and I wanted a taste! I had him feeding his big cock into the back of my throat after just one interaction with him. It was as if he could feel my sexual energy… We met in his office for a meeting that led to me bent over and his cock balls deep inside of my Shaved wet pussy.

My pussy drenched his cock, it was so big and the curve made his dick fiddle with my inner g spot so perfectly.

I orgasmed multiple times on his big dick, I couldn’t help but want more and more. He even had to answer his phone to his wife while jerking his cock and out of my pussy. I know there was no way she didn’t hear my muffled sexy moaning noises mixed with the sloshing noises my Sloppy wet pussy was making… But, somehow he managed to pull it off.

I let him release the load inside of my pussy and use me as if I were some Cum dumpster slut. After he got through cumming inside of me I dropped to my knees and wrapped my Large boobs around his cock while cleaning his juicy bulging shaft of all of my pussy resin.

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