Evita’s PayPiggy

My boss at my corporate job is my pay piggy. I get whatever I want out of him. My favorite thing to do is humiliate him in front of all of our coworkers. Today, I guess he called himself trying to give me a task, he should have known better. No one tells Evita what to do!! I knew I was going to make him pay with his money and his pride and I was waiting for the best moment. It’s time for lunch and all of our office staff was in the lunchroom. When he walked in, I begin to put pictures of him wearing his favorite dress and heels all over the table. I also put pictures of me ass fucking him with my big black cock dildo all over the walls. He was mortified!sissy humiliation

I made him get on his knees and apologize to me for trying to tell me what to do. The whole room was shocked, all of my coworkers were laughing at him. I then ordered him to strip and show us his pretty butt plug that I make his sissy ass wear at all times. I noticed a few of the guys seemed to be turned on by this encounter. I then made my boss suck all the dicks in the room. The guys proceeded to give his pathetic ass all the big cock he wanted and then they came all over his bitch ass. One of the guys put his foot on my boss’ neck and made him clean up some of the cum on the floor.  When they were done, I made him pay me for my troubles and ordered he give me his black card so I can go shopping. I also made him handover the keys to the brand-new Audi he got so I can ride in style. Stupid bitch, bet the whole office knows who is really in charge!!

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