Foot Fetishes

foot fetishes

My feet have been neglected all week long. Won’t you be a good boy and show them some attention? I love to have them worshiped, massaged and licked for hours. I also have a nice selection of sexy shoes that I may or may not try on and model for you. That all depends on you. The more time you give my feet, the greater your rewards will be. I hope you like painting toes too, because I need a fresh coat. I’ll let you pick the color though. The more experienced you are with feet, the better so I hope you come with a good track record and a handful of stories you can share with me as you cater to my heels and toes. They especially loved to be sucked. Take your time working your lips and your tongue around each and every freshly pedicured toe. Don’t keep a girl and her beautiful feet waiting. You’re one of many out there with foot fetishes. I just hope you’re worthy enough for mine.


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