Foot fetishes are fun with a Hot sexy woman

Using my feet on guys who have foot fetishes is so fun to do. I love seeing them squirm as I slowly use my feet to tease them. I make sure they know they need to worship and suck on every toe like if it were a cock. They don’t mind, they love coming over after I get my pretty feet done. As they lick and suck on my cunt they will touch and massage my feet. It gets their cock hard and leaking. Knowing I’m the hottie they dream about and they will do anything to kiss my feet, is a turn on. So when i cum all over their face, I will let them use my pretty feet. They love licking every toe and every inch of my pretty feet. I will use my toes to play with their balls, making sure they get full and ready to burst. I love edging them as I squeeze their hard dick in between my feet. I will stop as soon as I feel my jacking off is about to make him nut. It makes me giggle when i hear them begging me not to stop. When I finally let them cum they blast a big load of gooey cum all over my feet. A Hot sexy woman like me deserves to be worshiped head to toe.

Foot fetishes

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