Foot Fetishes Are So Naughty


foot fetishesDear Sex Diary,

I love nothing more than dating men who have feet fetishes that I can exploit. My tight young boarding school pussy gets off on using those foot fetishes against them. I have been using men for my own pleasure since I was a younger slut.

I found out early in my life that if I put on some stockings and have pretty feet I can tease the hell out of some unsuspecting male.  I will rub his cock and kiss it and do sexy lap dance and he is hard and telling me how much he wants to fuck me. My hot tight young legs can’t be denied.  I love my toy box because I will masturbate in front of him all the while moaning and saying how good it was. I won’t name names, but I have a freak who loves my stocking feet and will kiss and suck them so good that I almost feel bad for not fucking him. Instead, I invite a young big cocked stud to fuck me. I get on my cell and give my foot fetish guy an earful of the best phone sex while denying him my pussy. I might give it up one day, just not today, cuckolding his cock is so much fun!



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