He’s Cheating and so am I


Sex therapy porn

I was wondering, when are you going to show me how much you love, me when are you going to show me how much you miss me. Don’t you know what I’ve given up to be with you? Rich trophy girlfriend, to a business Tycoon who’s family, has money and that’s not a joke, they have money they can fucking incinerate, and they’ll still have too much money. I gave all of that up for you because you knew how to fuck me, you knew how to make me feel right. I have given you everything, I have given you my best moments shared with you times that I can’t get back. I know that you have been having wild and crazy sex with my little sister. Don’t look so shocked yes I know all about what you and my little sister have been doing, and it is not good. You’ve been having sex with her at least six months, that’s how long I’ve been having you followed. I have been watching you, while you thought I was just some stupid dizzy wife waiting for you to come home and make me feel Worthy. You know, I feel sorry for you, but I am going to take you for what little cash that you got. When I first found out, I got me a young sexy boyfriend to fill in for you. The young man that I have been having my grand affair with, he’s gorgeous, and he has stamina unlike you. You know I wonder, how in the fuck does anyone get any satisfaction other than spending your money from you? My lover, he drives his huge hard cock inside of me for hours at a time, and it is beautiful every time.

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