Hiring My New Maid/Sex Slave

Naughty maid phone sexI’d love to hire you as my personal maid. Your wife has no idea that you are going to do this for me, does she? Yes, bitch, I know about your wife. You came to me, desperate and horny. You have always wanted to serve a Mistress in her home as one of her maids, but you never got the chance. When you married your wife, I bet you wanted to be her slave, but she wouldn’t have it. Now you’ve come to me, with your weak mind and hard cock, on your knees, to beg to clean up after me. I did so much research on you, and I found out about your porn history. You’ve always loved to serve women, and dream of worshiping their bodies. As my maid, you would be required to eat my pussy every day before you start your shift. I expect complete obedience in my home. You belong to me from now on. Understand?

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