His Ass fetish Was Insane

ass fetish

His ass fetish was insane. All he talked about was tiny slim girls with big asses. I drove him crazy wearing tiny g-strings and tight yoga pants as I worked out. We had all ganged up and really had him on edge cumming in his pants as we rode those exercise bikes. Making sure that our asses were highlighted and who would make him get that cum spot in those exercise shorts.  I had shot him down so many times I decided to give Mr. Ass (Nicknamed by the club girls) A date. I showed up in the sheerest dress so my yellow thong showed trough. I had fun pretending to drop things and flashing my ass and pussy at him for two hours. I asked him to come up for a drink and he almost flew up my stairs. I giggled and told him I hoped my roommate was asleep. Sure enough, Ron, (not my Roommate) was wide awake sporting the biggest hard-on for his little Asian Cj. I was so happy that Mr. Ass stood there as I stroked all of his 9 inches lovingly and asked if He would like to watch me ride Ron’s cock. I told him where the liquor was and made him take a seat as I bent my perfect ass over to give ahem… Mr. Ass the show of his life. His pathetic clitter stick was out and he was jacking off furiously. Well, He must have came 6 or 7 times. For a tiny cock, he sure could come over and over. Just like I did on Big Ron’s cock! Mr. Ass even enjoyed an after-show creampie curtiosy of my gaping ass hole.

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