I am a Naughty Neighbor

naughty neighbor phone sexMy next-door neighbor’s bitch wife has been getting on my nerves with her perfect hair, car, brats and husband. So, I decided I was going to have a little fun and piss her off while doing so. My bedroom window faces theirs, so I made sure to leave my blinds open that night. Her husband often works on his computer which faces my window. Being the slut that I am I proceeded to walk around naked until I got his attention. When his eyes locked mine, I gave my big titties a nice squeeze, pulled them up and licked my own nipples. I really had his attention now. I took my sweet ass over to my toy drawer and pulled out my big ole 10-inch dildo. After hitting my face with it a few times and then taking it in my mouth I sat back in my chair spreading my legs wide and inserted it. Slowly at first but then I took it all, every 10 inches of that big dildo. I never strayed from eye contact with him. I could only imagine the bulge in his pants. I gave him the come here fingers and soon my doorbell rang. I knew it was him. I opened the door in my birthday suit. He took me by my waist put his tongue so far down my throat I thought I was going to choke. I unbuckled his pants and took his nice hard cock all in my mouth. I sucked and licked his dick until I could feel him tighten. Before he came, I threw him down in the floor and rode him like he was a fucking bull until he was moaning so loud. I took his fingers and put them in my mouth so I could suck them. A few more strokes and he was exploding all in my nice wet pussy. I fucked him so good that if he is ever fucking his bitch wife again, I know he will be thinking of me. I think I will invite my neighbor over more often. Can’t wait to tell the bitch wife how lucky she is to have such a great husband.

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