Hot sexy woman

Hot sexy womanI bet you’ve got a few things about me that have you hooked. Is it my perfect body? My in control voice? My shaved wet pussy or even my cute little feet. Do you love a woman that takes control? Humiliates and only takes cocks that are made for breeding? Well, you already know it’s all those things and more. It doesn’t take much for me to wrap you around my finger. Once I do that, you are hypnotized. You can’t help but be drawn to me forever and for always. You’re addicted to me and you just can’t get enough. Pleasing me, making me proud, and being the pathetic sub you are is what your purpose has now become in life. How could you ever have gotten so lucky as to serve a queen like me? You’re a peasant, and you’re are nothing to me but another body to use as I please. You’ll just have to see.

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