I woke up for Sissy humiliation

Sissy humiliationI started today ready to find some manly man, a stud above studs, and treat him to some Sissy humiliation. It’s not often I want to bring someone down but today I absolutely did. I craved to strip someone of their manliness, to tear their masculinity away, and put them in the prettiest, frilliest dress I could find. I put an hour of effort into finding the best pink pair of panties I could find, I found white stockings and a bowtie, and then I went and got my hair ties to wrap whatever hair they do have up in pretty pigtails sprinkled with glitter. Then I looked at what I’d gathered and realized I got a maid outfit, and with that, I knew I was going to give them the hottest, tightest, cruelest Sissy maid training they could possibly imagine. I was soaking wet just thinking about ruining some man forever and making him my little girl bitch. If he behaved I’d worship his cock like the powerful stud he is, but when he was bad, oh the ‘he’ word was going to be out the window entirely for the day and I was going to plug her ass with some other man’s huge dick and not let her up until she’d recited all the super important rules any sissy maid should remember to include when making up their task list for any day. Obedience, pussy licking, dick-sucking, they learn how to take a dick up the ass, they learn how to deepthroat, they learn how to drink cum from my cunt and they do it with a smile. Drop something? That’s just an opportunity to show them what they’re meant for when they bend over. While I’ll admit most of the time I’m really for a GFE kind of thing, but today I really craved Sissies and I decided that I’m about to make Sissy maid stories and they’re gonna be hot as fuck and bringing steaming loads to cover my sissy’s ass with. You want to help me bring someone down, or get torn down?

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