I’ll Treat You So Good

GFE phone sex

I am the perfect GFE phone sex girlfriend for you. See, I will never nag you like your wife or girlfriend in real life does. I just love it when you call to spend time with me. Instead of telling you that you should be calling me more often, I just enjoy the time we DO get to spend together. It’s so much fun to talk to you about anything and everything. If you just want to tell me how you’re feeling, I’m here to listen. Do you want to talk about that bitch at work who just gets on your very last nerve? Tell me all about her. Or maybe you’d like to talk about a cool movie or TV show you saw. I’m here for it all.
But I’m also here for all of the sexual things you need. I have no limits like the woman in your real life. Whatever you need, I am absolutely going to give it to you. No matter how nasty it is, you can consider it yours, baby. All you have to do is say the word and I’m here to give you every single thing you need and then some. I’ll be waiting.

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