Jerking off my baby boy

Great blowjob

I learned down and forward a bit, positioning ,my face about 6 inches over the tip of my sons dick. You could see where was aiming, and i pursed my lips and let a long shiny string of saliva slide from my mouth and stretch down to the head of my kids massive teen pecker. I drizzled my spit onto his throbbing stiffy for a couple seconds then cut it off. Then I stood up straight and released ,my grip on hids scholong to wipe my  mouth.

“See, like that” I said.  then  I used both of my hands and slowly worked my saliva up and down my sons shaft, particularly working the pink mushroom tip. Then I slid it around, and onto the Palms of my hands . “Next your slutty mommy whore is  can get to work on making you cum I told my kid.

I gripped the bottom half of his dick with her left hand, and the top half with my right. and I began her ‘butter-churning’ motion, up and down and in alternating rotating motions with each hand. “does mommy’s soft hands feel good on your hard cock honey? He nodded yes and his eyes rolled back in his head and I felt his balls tighten up against his leg and I was jerking his pecker harder now. My twat was moist with arousal because of much I wanted my sons massive rod to impale the shit out of my tight shaved pussy. I wanted him to fuck all  my holes but I reminded myself this was just a hand job…more to come later. I wanted to stroke my boy to blow his load all over my tits an face for him to treat me like the dirty slut mommy I am, and tha’ts just what happened, he sprayed his gooey sticky jizz all over my big tits and my face, where it clumped in big globs and dripped down on to my chest. I licked my lips for him as he watched and swallowed deeply so he could see my eat his love cum and how much I fucking loved the taste of my baby boy’s saucy sperm.


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