Jungle Fever with Tommy

Ebony phone sexTommy told us to gurgle while we looking into his eyes. That’s the thing about Tommy. Although he was very rough when fucking my sister and myself, he was also very sensual. Tommy liked his balls to be sucked and licked by my sister while I sucked the tip  of his cock slowly.  He would kiss my sister passionately while I kissed the head of his dick with passion. I could feel his dick jump inside of my throat. Once my sister and I engaged in foreplay Tommy liked to bend both of us over. He made sure our black asses were in the air and we were touching our ankles. He rammed his cock into my sister’s cunt and then myself so fucking hard. We fucking loved it! Our pussy were already dripping and leaking from kissing and sucking on each other. We both ended the night with me eating my sister’s sweet pussy and he fucking me from behind. My bubble ass bouncing against his tummy. Tommy liked to cum on my ass while my sister licked it off clean.

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