Lacey And I Fuck The Dirty Professor

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Lacey and I took The dirty Professors Intro to licking 101 as a part of our health science requirements. I couldn’t stop looking at her hot coed body. Her beautiful sexy tits are massive and she wears the tiniest skirts and thigh highs to class. As a sexy hottie that adores those things, I was immediately attracted to her. Something about another woman who dresses up in her daily life, so femme and that made my pussy instantly wet. Of course, my flirting with Sexy Lacey caught our dirty professors’ eye. And when I had lacey in a hot French kiss on the bench in the courtyard he knew we would meet the slut requirements for his cock. He invites Lacey and I back to his office and showed us his big cock. Lacey jumped up on the desk and I gave him a pussy eating show as his big cock pounded me. Moaning into her pussy made her squirt all over my face. It was her turn for that cock and I got between the Naughty and dirty professors legs to slurp those balls and lick that beautiful cunt from behind until she squirted all over that cock and it rained on my face as well. Long story short we are now the Dirty Professors Teaching Assistants and we will be getting a lot of cocks next semester!GFE phone sex Cj

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