Late Night Kinks

Fantasy Phone Sex Anna (1)

You came in here trying to smack me in the face with your cock but I pinned you down. No way you’re going to fuck me like your filthy whore. You are now my personal fuck toy and I will do with you as I please. That long hard cock is going in every hole I desire and I will fuck you until I cum and squirt all over you. You are now my filthy fucking whore. You call me every night wishing I’d suck and gag on your cock- fucking me hard-fast whatever it takes to please you, well it’s my turn. You think I’ll let you go after you cum a few times- you’re wrong. I will strap you to my bed and feed you this pussy when you’re hungry, make you shove that tongue deep inside my ass mmmm mmmm! Oh fuck you are my nasty fucker with a huge cock- so babe get ready to get fucked every moment I can get that cock hard.

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