Let Me Have You

Sensual Phone Sex

Wouldn’t those words whispering in your ears from my lips already arouse you? “Let me have you” is a simple yet steamy demand. Allow your body to become my puppet to tease, and play with. A lot can be done with a completely willing and horny playmate. I’m aroused by the idea of undressing you slowly, kissing across your skin as I have you sink naked onto the bed. Lay completely exposed for me to do as I wish. 

I climb on top of you and tease you as I slowly strip away my clothes. Moving my pussy over your eager mouth. Pressing my smooth cunt against your lips only to take it away the moment I feel your mouth open. “No, just kisses” I tease. Lowering back down to see if you obey, you kiss as you whine. With each little kiss, I watch your cock twitch, oh how you want more from me. So much more. How long will I tease and torment you? 

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