Naughty Teacher Farah is Back in the Classroom and Loving It!

naughty teacher

This naughty teacher is finally back in the classroom. I have a few pets I acquired over the orientation sessions, some are in my class, and some are not. But now that I am in the classroom, I am getting even more pets. I am a sexy mature woman. Sophisticated and educated. Hot too. But it has been getting harder and harder to find cock suitable for my pussy. I do not think I will pass on summer school again. Between monkey pox fears and Covid still lingering, and the economy, guys are not on Tinder in droves nor are they hanging out in my usual haunts. I have standards, so I am not just fucking anyone. You must have a cock that is no less than 8-inches. That cock must work too without the aid of Viagra or a finger in the ass. I am a mature sexy babe. If your cock cannot get hard just looking at me, then I have no use for you. Young college studs get hard at hello, and I am all about that. I need those young, throbbing cocks. I am the belle of the campus because I get more cock than a drunk coed at a frat party. I met with Trey today after class. He was anxious to meet me in my office hours. He wanted to tell me how he must keep a certain grade point average to keep his scholarship. I was down to help him. What a fine hunk of young beefcake! Easily distracted by this teacher’s long legs and sexy breasts too. I started him working already for that grade. I wanted to see how well he can eat the teacher’s pussy. Turns out extremely well. I squirted all over his face. He went to his next class with my cunt juice glistening on his face. I am going to have a busy semester to make up for a slow summer.

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