Mommy Punishes Son and Brands His Ass

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You’ve been away for a long time and have come back an unruly little slave. I know I have trained you better than that. You’re my little cum slut. When I edge your cock and make you beg to squirt, you do it because it makes my pussy wet to watch you squirm. If you think you’re going to cum in my home without my permission, you are sorely mistaken. It’s time for Mommy to discipline her bad boy. Get on all fours so I can tie you up from this position. Good luck trying to escape my tight knots. I’ve got my big paddle for big spankings. Hear the smacks on your ass as I hurt you harder? Feel that sting, you worthless piece of shit? I’m not done with you yet. I’ve got a hot iron with the letter L on it. You’re going to remember that you’re Mommy’s slave for the rest of your miserable life. Don’t you dare move as I brand your ass with my initial. I love watching you shudder as I burn you. Are you ready to be good for Mommy?

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