Mutual masturbation stories

Mutual masturbation storiesI knew he was there watching me through the fence that separates our back yards. I could not see him but I could hear him jacking off. I pretended not to hear his grunts. I was catching the sun in my birthday suit to avoid tan lines. I was laying on my tummy tanning my backside first. And about 20 minutes into the sun beating down on my bare body I could hear his soft but not so soft grunts on the other side of that fence. He was a young teen at that age where his dick is always in his hand and hard. Just the thought of him being there jerking off to my naked body really turned me on. I wanted him to see how turned on I was. I rolled over onto my back spreading my legs so the sun hit my pussy juices making my pussy shine like gold. My thighs opened up giving a bullseye shot of probably the first pussy he has seen in real life. His grunts got louder as I started to thrust my fingers in and out of my pussy. I was moaning myself I almost forgot he was there as I began to squirt all over my blanket I was laying on.

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