Mutual Masturbation Stories Downright Dirty

Mutual Masturbation StoriesPart of what I do in therapy with my guys, is having my clients and I share some mutual masturbation stories.  We explore times such as the first time your mom walked in on your stroking that big long cock.  How did it make you feel?  Did you have any feelings towards your sexy hot mom as she watched your young hands go back and forth on that aching hard dick?  We uncover a lot of things this way.

I often share the story about when I was first discovering my body, I had bought a vibrator from a local sex shop.  I came home having the house to myself ready to try it. My pussy was throbbing with excitement as I put those batteries in the small hot pink cock shaped vibrator.  I had it on the lowest setting as I got undressed into my fresh clean sheets.

Next, I placed it down barely touching my clit.  The buzzing vibration brushed against my clit gently. Suddenly, the feeling of eupohria came over my entire body. From the hairs on my head, down to the ends of my toes. My body stiffened up, my toes curled, and my fist clinched tight as I felt this feeling that took over my body.  The type of orgasm I had read about but didn’t think they truly existed suddenly was radiating from my tight wet pussy. Each nerve ending would pulsate until finished and then moving onto the next.  My clit enlarging as I went on. Feeling the blood rushing down there. The growth from the increased bloodflow reminding me of a hard cock as it gets bigger and bigger as we keep going.

Orgasms like that entered my life that day and I was a changed woman.  Because of this, I decided to go on a mission to understand the human body and sex.  The human mind and sexual desires. Everything that goes along with the feelings, behaviors, and physiological responses sexual desires bring us. It’s all part of what I wake up every day ready to learn and explore.  Let me explore masturbation with you, or rather, let’s explore it all together! What do you say loves?

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