Exhibitionist sex is an absolute favorite of mine.

Exhibitionist sex is an absolute favorite of mine. In the park; broad daylight. Letting everyone see my full perfectly formed orbs, jutting up, begging for you to take them into your mouth. Teeth grazing the outer edges of my areola as you bite down on the nipple. Tongue laving down over my stomach, arching my back. Long legs wrapping around you. Heels hooking into your belt loops, pulling your pants down.

Skirt falling away. Crotch less panties, garter belt, black thigh high’s and heels are the only garments left on. Pussy aching to entered. Rising to meet your thick massive cock. A gasp escaping from someone watching. Your purple mushroom head, leaking pre-cum, my juices coating your cock as you stretch me, fingers slicking over my clit. Fingers digging into your hair, pulling you down as I buck up onto your cock. Grinding into you. Pelvis rotating. Bringing your lips back to my tits.

Heels digging into the soft earth as I propel into you, rolling you on your back. Straddling you, rocking back and forth on your cock. Feeling you pulsating inside of me. Faster I ride your cock, letting everyone see my juices covering your cock as I move up and down. Nails scratching down your chest. Bringing your hands up to grips my breasts.

Flexing my muscles around your cock. Tightening you in a vice making you cum. That is it feel it filling up my uterus. Bouncing off the walls, hitting the back of my cervix. Look around and see all the looks of astonishment on their faces. Never believing that someone would have sex in the park. Exhibitionist sex

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