My Doctor’s Visit

Fantasy Phone SexI hate this time of year when I must go into the Doctor’s office for them to refill my medications, but at least my Doctor is a hot piece of meat. I waited in the lobby for what seemed like hours before they called me back. I sat on the couch and we proceeded to go through the list. I kept noticing him looking down my blouse and started intentionally leaning over to give him a better view. Soon he wasn’t even trying to pretend to look me in the eye. I decided to make my move. I stood up, removed my skirt and got down on the floor. I unzipped his pants and took that Doctor cock right in my mouth and sucked him dry. His eyes were glazed over as I got up and straddled him in the chair, pushing his cock right into my bald, wet pussy. He grabbed my tits and started playing with my nipples as I leaned in for a long embrace. I rode that cock as he played with my nipples and I kissed him deeply until we were both orgasming. I then removed myself from his chair, cleaned myself up and asked for my prescriptions. He handed me my prescriptions and I left him there, just sitting in his chair with no pants and a nice broad smile.

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