My feet were made for Foot fetishes

When you get hired for the weekend because your feet are perfect for Foot fetishes you go get your toes freshened up. Our first night in our hotel suite he made sure to spoil me with anything I wanted, he made it clear he liked being financially dominated. That is when I stuffed my foot into his mouth and told him to give me his wallet. I took all the money he had in there as he sucked on my foot like if it was a big cock. I wiggled my toes in your mouth as I played with my pretty pussy. I could see how hard you were, so I used my other foot and played with your cock. The pre-cum dripped on my toes and I made you suck them clean. I stood up and bent over with my feet up doggy style, I have an Ass fetish. I love my asshole being licked, when you start. I grab your head and push it deeper in between my ass cheeks. I fucked your tongue with my ass while you jacked off on my pretty feet. Knowing you paid me for the weekend just for my feet while you lick my asshole made me cum all over your face. Since you need to be used in every way, I made sure the whole weekend I drained your bank account just like I did your balls with my feet.

Foot fetishes


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