Naughty teacher

Naughty teacherEvery guy has had that Naughty teacher fantasy. I am top of the list of women most likely to be picked for horny boy toy fantasies. Can you see it now? It’s just like back in the day, when you were learning literature and you were sitting in the front row. You were eager to come to my class every day, but as most boys do you act out all the time. Trying to be a class clown, and not focusing on the subject but rather the fine woman in front of you. I know my slutty clothes don’t help but I can’t help it! This is what I will forever wear tight dresses and skirts, low cut tops and high heels to top it off. You sometimes see my nipples or even my thong, and your cock gets hard right away in class. Because you are always getting in trouble, I have been making you stay after class to do homework and you get to see me bending over constantly cleaning up. One day maybe you will get enough balls to ask me if there’s any ‘extra credit’ you can do?

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