Naughty Teacher Farah Never Forgets Her Teacher’s Pets

naughty teacherThis naughty teacher is loving being back in the classroom. The students love having me back too. Some of my former pets from previous semesters have dropped by my office hours to reminisce. Yesterday, Alex came by. He is a senior now. When he was in my class, he was only a freshman. He needed lots of help in the bedroom. He was a good-looking boy with brains, just no game. He played Dungeons and Dragons in high school. I had no clue that game was even still being played. I had to teach him all about female anatomy. I did not mind of course. He could not have found my clit with Map quest, LOL. But I am patient. And I am a natural teacher. I enjoyed showing him around the female body. He wanted to show me how much of a better lover he has become since my tutelage. I have not fucked him in three years, but a mature phone sex babe never forgets the cubs she fucked. He had been on my mind too, so maybe I willed him to pay me a visit. I was happy to see him. He was a bit taller and much more buff than the last time I saw him. I think he gave up dark games for the gym. He looked good. He now looked like the kind of boy who did not need a woman to teach him a thing. He pulled out his cock and I swear that had even grown too. He told me he started taking protein supplements to build lean mass and it seemed to make his cock grow too. He was way thicker than I remembered, but nothing is too big or thick for me. I am an experienced size queen. I got him reacquainted with my great blowjobs, and he almost blew a hole in the back of my head. He was in a rush to get to his next class, but he came back a second time and fucked me on my big oak desk. I need to check in on some of my other past pets to see if they are just as improved as Alex.

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