Naughty teacher gets my cunty for a passing grade

I have always had a Naughty teacher. My tits are perky and so is my ass. Every time I bent over, I could feel him come close pushing his crotch against me. I even would ditch a lot just to not have him poking me with his hard cock. “You are failing my class young lady” he said to me connivingly. “If you don’t want to fail, you have to come see me when school is out” he instructed me to do. I made sure to have my tits poking out and I have a short skirt on.

“Since you need a lot of class work credit, I can give you a shortcut,” he said teasingly. “But you must do as I want, ” he said while getting really close to me. I just nodded in agreement. Therefore, he started to grope and pinch my tits. “These tits have been calling my name since you walked into my class,” my nasty teacher said. His hard cock was poking through his pants as his election got closer to me. “You will pass my class with flying colors, just open your mouth” he said, trembling.

Naughty teacher

Right away I opened my mouth knowing he was going to be fucking it. As long as I passed his class. Just like I thought his cock came out his pants and pushed into my mouth. Even as I tried to not choke, he groped me and fucked my mouth harder. “If you really want to pass my class, you will bend over” my teacher moaned out. Of course I wanted to pass. That is why I bent over and lifted my skirt, exposing my pretty bald cunt.

My teacher started to lick my hole. As he humbled into my cunt, I rubbed my clitty. Might as well get off while raising my grades. Right before I could get off, my teacher aimed his dick at my pussy. “Now you will earn your grade for the year” he moaned as he rammed my young cunt. I wanted to make sure I earned my grade, so I bounced my pussy back on him. “Oh God that young student pussy is going to milk me” you moan as you start to fill me up. After you filled my cunty up with every drop, I stood up and said, “I know I passed your class now”.

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