Phone Chat Lines Aren’t Cheating Baby!

Phone Chat Lines

I actually had a conversation with my husband the other day about how I feel phone chat lines weren’t cheating and I wouldn’t be offended if he called. He looked at me with a super astonished look on his face. Like I had lost my damn mind.

Phone sex isn’t cheating, it’s about men and women coming together to cure an itch that needs to be scratched. Honestly, I’d rather he cure that itch with a woman he can’t touch rather than someone who could be touching what’s mine. I’m sure many other women would feel the same way I do if they’d take the time to set their emotions aside and think about what’s going on.

If you enjoy phone sex, maybe you should strike up a conversation with your wife and just catch her views on it. See where her head is, and if she thinks that is an adequate solution. So many people are into polyamorous relationships and allow their spouse to be in an open state where they can sleep with others. What’s the difference?

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