Princess Beth loves foot fetishes.

foot fetishes

I love good foot fetishist.

Out of all the naughty fetishes out there, I happen to love foot fetishes the most. Something about having someone loving one part of the female anatomy so much really gives us ladies a certain power over you eager foot boys.

On your knees lover boy!

I love having you on your knees in front of me while I dangle my pretty little feet in your face. I adore watching you beg for the honor of kissing them, licking them and best of all begging for the rare honor of cumming all over them. Yes, foot fetishes are one of the hottest fetishes.

Lick me, suck me.

Your facial hair tickles my sweet little toes as you gently rub them against your cheeks. Your tongue sends shivers down my spine and makes my sweet little tummy feel butterflies as you suck each individual glorious toe.

I am feeling generous.

Today is your lucky day, you have worshipped me completely and I may allow you to shoot your hot cum load all over the objects of your affection. Mmmmmm Foot fetishes are Hot.

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