Ready Ramona Searching For A Cuck

Fantasy phone sexI swear to find a cuckold use to be so much easier. Now it’s just sissy boys who want to be dressed up or guys who want a sexy and sweet girlfriend. Sigh what I really want is a huge monster cock to enjoy with a cuck that knows how to spoil a woman like me correctly. I need a cuck with a huge wallet and a tiny insignificant cock. I always have an alpha male at hand, hung like a horse, balls thick and full. I want my cuck to do his job, undressing me, worshipping me, kissing me, and even prepping my pussy for this real man’s cock. My little cuck knows he would never be able to please me, he can’t get me off at all. He knows the only thing he has that makes me happy is his money. He knows all he can do is watch me get fucked, up close and personal. And he knows his reward is to eat this pussy clean once my stud is done fucking me. That’s exactly the kind of cuck I need.

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