Sexy babe

sexy babe

I’ve been going to the local college basketball games. My husband likes me to get fucked and I like to watch all the sexy young cocks bouncing around in those slinky shorts. You can see an entire outline of those thick, young cocks. Sometimes, I like to sit there in the stands and spread my legs a little so the players can see up my skirt. I love to distract them. I’ve been taken to the locker room plenty of times. Tonight’s game was exciting! I was supposed to meet the coach and one of the players in the locker room after the game. When I got to the locker room, there were 5 players and the coach, waiting for me. I dropped to my knees and started taking all those big cocks in my mouth. I love having 2 dicks stuffed into my mouth, while the coach is pounding my dripping wet pussy. They took turns bending me over the washing machine.  It reminds me of getting passed around the football team when I was in high school. I let all those dicks fill my pussy and ass with their loads of hot cum. Now I’ll go home to my husband and have him lick it all out.

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