Sexy babe gets P Daddy out of trouble

Titty fucking porn A short fitted cocktail dress always makes it easy to slip my tight hole around a throbbing cock. I was going into the courthouse today to defend one of the many criminals that need defending.. This one in particular is in for dragging his cock down a hairless slit..

I personally think it’s hot and totally understand why he would feel the need or sexual urge to do so.. Which is why I don’t believe in him being behind bars for something so minor.. She’s going to grow up to be a hormonal slut regardless! (These are natural stages of life) She confessed she enjoyed every moment… She had said it felt tingly and the load he shot down her slit was warm..

Does that sound like someone who didn’t want or enjoy any moment of it? She had even been dressing very slutty; she provoked him to pop her cherry.. She would wear skimpy clothing and was always asking to sit on his lap.. I know she had to of felt his cock throb against her tooshie when she’d prop up onto his lap.. Yet again, she came back for more!

I knew a little personal time with the District Attorney and Judge before ordering the courtroom would be enough time to have them side with me.. Especially with me strutting into the conference room with my sexy legs.. A Hot sexy woman like me always manages to get what we want.. A bit of Erotic roleplaying and cunt stretching got that man the justice he deserved! My defendant has been released and found Not guilty.. We didn’t even have to take it to trial! My pussy is leaking a triple load.. My client thanked me with a load and well the Judge and his DA they left one inside me prior to our hearing. 

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