Ass fetish is what makes me use take out boys mouth

My Ass fetish had me wanting someone to lick my ass so bad. My cunt was dripping for it. I had ordered take out and when he came to the door I asked him to put it on my table. After I closed the door I looked him up from head to toe.He was a chubby nerd and I knew my hot ass could get him to do anything. I told him I had a tip for him and he smiled. First you have to do something else for me please. I need my ass licked baby. His mouth dropped to the floor and I giggled. Good boy, now lay on the couch and stick your tongue out. I mounted your mouth with my juicy ass. Your fat mouth was going to eat my ass until I fed you all my pussy juices. I wrapped my Sexy legs around your head and just fucked my ass back on your tongue while rubbing my clit. I didn’t care if you could breathe or not and I used your belly to bounce back onto you harder. When I was almost going to cum I grabbed on your cock and rubbed it through your pants. As soon as I squirted all over your face you cummed inside your pants. You were such a hungry boy i will feed you more of my sexy asshole anytime.

Ass fetish

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