Sissification Of Ben

Sissy humiliation

It didn’t take long for that little earworm I left him with to do the job. Ben showed up at my door last night, he sheepishly asked if he could come in. I showed him in and chuckled as he admired my silky black robe. As planned I took him into my room and instructed him to remove his boring man clothes. When he is a guest in my house he won’t pretend to be something he is not. I gave him a stern look as he attempted to protest what I had said, but he was wise to reconsider keeping up his facade. I opened up my walk-in closet full of my nicest clothing, including lingerie, dresses, and business wear. Oh my did his eyes light up. Smiling I got closer and took a quick inspection of this little sissy’s body. “For tonight we will start small” I assured my sweet gentle hearted new pet who was now starting to quiver with excitement. I shifted through my drawer to find a suitable sexy pair on silky red bikini style panties that I felt would fit perfectly around his slightly over-sized clit. “Ok sweetie, let’s find you a dress” I teased. I laughed as those few short words cause a big wet spot to grow in his panties. 

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