Sissy Humiliation

sissy humiliationSome men deserve sissy humiliation more than others. I often say men fall into two categories: the haves and the have nots. Some have cocks worthy of fucking and others have cocks worthy of shame and sissy training. I met a man on Tinder who used a stock photo that wasn’t him. I should have known he looked too good to be on Tinder. I was horny. Now, I am not stupid. When I met him, I was like whose photo was that. He tried to tell me it was him 10 years ago, but the eye color and height were off. I called bullshit. He told him to believe what I wanted but he wasn’t lying. So, I said well that means you have an 11-inch cock, so let’s get to the fucking. We met at Motel 6. He added an extra one to his cock size. He had no dick. My clit was his size. I didn’t sign up to fuck a clit stick. Get this. The fucking short dick loser that he could get rough with me. He started spouting off some stupid shit about I can’t go back on my consent. And I said I consented to fuck an 11-inch dick not a fucking 1-inch nub. I hurled a bunch of small dick humiliation jokes that he didn’t find as amusing as me. Then, I tied him up with my pantyhose, handcuffed his hands and wrote all sorts of small dick slurs on his body in red lipstick. I called 911 from his own cell and let the cops find him like that. I snapped many pictures and assured him if he talked about our encounter, they would go viral. No man wants his small dick plastered over the Internet. He may have not learned his lesson that cock size matters, but I know he won’t try to hook up on Tinder again anytime soon.

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